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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Aeolus Development develops electronics hardware and software for embedded systems (controls systems contained within another product).  The first available products are a set of ARM microcontroller (LPC210x from Philips) based control boards. These boards are meant to allow users to develop products without needing to design and build the boards and circuitry to support the micro.  Development effort can then br concentrated on application specific I/O and software.

These boards can be used for prototype development and evaluation purposes. They can also be incorporated into a finished product.  The SIMMStick compatible bus allows the use of numerous available backplanes and compatible I/O boards.

The processor used is the LPC210X microprocessor / microcontroller from Philips.

Due to ISP problems we are in the process of restoring this site.  Some items may not work yet.

Product Feedback/Suggestions

We are always looking for product feedback or suggestions. Please let us know what you think.