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By R Adsett

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Additional Newlib Support

Drivers and sub-devices

FM2504 - Subdevice support for Ramtrom's FM2504.  Uses the SPI device.  After developing I realized I didn't have any FM2504 test chips to hand.  So this contains the support code but it has not been tested or much scrutinized.

IIC - IIC driver contributed by Bruce Paterson.  Not yet tested or run through.

Uartz - Zero copy uart driver contributed by Bruce Paterson. Not yet tested or run through.

Nonblockinguart  -A Uart driver supporting non-blocking I/O contributed by Jacob Oursland. Not yet tested or run through.

testspiraw.c   -A simple demonstration program demonstrating the use of the SPI driver w/o sub devices. - A driver for an spi based UART.  Not yet integrated.  ontributed by Bruce Paterson.

If I've missed any contributions or credits please let me know so I can update this.